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AI-Powered Trading Software

Maximize Your Trading Potential with Intelligent Automation

The future of trading is here

Experience Hands-Free trading with our AI-Powered Automated Trading System.

Our advanced algorithm allows you to fully automate your trading activities and generate passive income from trading. Our system combines AI precision with human expertise, bringing the best of both worlds. Our team has been building and testing the system for years, and now it is finally available for retail traders worldwide

Our service allows you to engage in trading with no manual involvement. Simply connect your account and watch as it operates 24/5, scanning markets and trading on your behalf.

For those new to algorithmic trading, it might seem like science fiction, but this technology has long been used by institutions, and we’re making it accessible to you.

We’re offering more than a promise – we’re ready to share a verified track record to show you what our system is capable of. Instead of trusting words, see it with your own eyes.

What sets us apart? We don’t charge any upfront fees or subscriptions. We offer a performance-based partnership, meaning you pay us only after seeing real results.

Our pricing model is simple – we’ll charge a fixed percentage of the profits we generate on your trading account, ensuring that our interests align with your success.

The setup, maintenance, and monitoring of trades are all handled by our team.

Limited Availability!

What is Automated Trading?

Automated trading, also known as algorithmic trading, involves using specialized software to execute trades in the financial markets based on predefined criteria.

This system functions like a digital trader, analyzing market data and making trades automatically, without the need for manual involvement. It’s particularly useful for those lacking the time or expertise for manual trading, as it operates continuously, responding to market changes in real-time.

The key advantage of automated trading is its ability to minimize emotional decision-making, a common challenge in manual trading. By following predetermined rules and algorithms, these systems ensure disciplined and logical trading, adhering to specified risk and reward parameters.

Suitable for both beginner and expert traders, automated trading offers a strategic, hands-off approach to market engagement, aligning with various investment styles and goals.

Why automate your trading?

Start Trading with Confidence

With our automated system, you don't need to be an expert. Just set your preferences, and we'll handle the rest.

Hands-Free Trading:

Connect once, and you're good to go. Our system works on its own, scanning the market and making trades on your behalf.

Fully Passive System

Tired of staring at market charts all day? Our system trades 24/7. It's like having a dedicated trader on your team, so you can focus on other things.

Human Oversight:

Our system is automated, but it's backed by expert traders who watch over its moves. You get the efficiency of tech combined with human touch.

Smart and Precise:

We base our trades on solid data. Our system's decisions come from detailed market analysis, so you can trust it is making informed trading decisions.

Safety First

We care about your money. If things look risky, our system has built-in settings to pause trading, keeping your investment safe.

Our Strategy

Our system employs artificial intelligence, algorithms, technical indicators, and pattern recognition tools to scan the markets for potential trade setups. While it is optimized for trading EURUSD, it can also effectively handle other assets.

The system is designed to execute trades only when specific criteria are met. This means there will be times of high activity with more frequent trades and relatively calm periods. On average, expect about 5-10 trades per asset daily.

Trades are managed automatically – both opening and closing orders. We close winning positions in profit either upon reaching a predetermined price target or when a reversal signal appears, depending on which occurs first. Losing trades are closed at either predetermined stop-loss levels or when market conditions suggest closing the best course of action.

Risk management is a core aspect of our strategy. We optimize the system to keep risk levels in check and prevent high exposure. Our analysts diligently monitor trading activities on client accounts to ensure error-free operation. Two key risk control measures are in place: maximum drawdown on open positions and maximum account drawdown, to protect our clients’ funds.

6-Month Performance:

Past performance should not be taken as a guarantee of future results

Customisation options

Our trading system offers full customization, allowing every client to create a trading experience that aligns perfectly with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

You can shape your trading strategy to match your objectives:

Growth-Oriented: If your focus is on maximizing growth, you might opt for higher-risk settings. This approach can lead to faster and potentially larger returns, though it comes with increased risk.

Capital Preservation: If your priority is protecting your capital, a lower-risk setting would be suitable. This method aims for steady, more gradual growth, minimizing risk while still allowing for consistent account development.

Customizable Features:

1. Risk Profile: Choose a strategy that fits your style – Aggressive, Moderate, or Conservative.

2. Maximum Balance Drawdown: Set a limit on the maximum percentage your account balance can decline before the system stops all trading.

3. Maximum Equity Drawdown: Decide on the maximum allowed drawdown in the equity of your open positions.

These customizable options ensure that you remain in control of the trading strategy, adapting as your needs and the market evolve.

Past performance should not be taken as a guarantee of future results

Compensation and Fees

Our fee structure is straightforward and aligned with mutual success:

Performance Fee: We charge a 30% fee on the net profits generated in your trading account. This means for every $100 in profit, our fee is $30, reflecting a 30/70 split in your favor.

Fair and Result-Oriented: Our fees are due only after you withdraw your profits. This ensures our interests are aligned with yours – we succeed when you succeed. If no profit is generated, no fees are charged.

Manual Payment Process: Since trading happens on your account, we cannot collect payments automatically. As a client, you are responsible for manually withdrawing your profits and settling the fees. Payments can be made via card, crypto, or bank wire transfer.

Flexible Payment Schedule: There’s no set schedule for fee payments. We typically request withdrawals based on account performance, or we’ll charge a proportional share of the profits when you decide to withdraw them.

Real Accounts Only: We focus exclusively on real trading accounts to ensure genuine and practical trading experiences. We do not work with demo accounts.

How to Get Started?

Step 1:
Submit Application

Begin by filling out our application form to initiate contact with our team. This is your first step towards automated trading.

Step 2:
System Preferences

Our team will guide you through how our system works and help you select risk settings and a trading strategy that aligns with your goals.

Step 3:
System Integration

Our team will connect our automated trading system to your trading account, setting the stage for the system to start its work.

Step 4:
Let the System Work

Sit back and watch as our algorithms analyze the market and execute trades on your behalf.

Profit Sharing

We operate on a profit-sharing model, retaining 30% of the profits generated on your account. Our fees are settled manually by you after a withdrawal from your account.

Flexible Terms

There are no binding contract terms. You’re free to utilize our service for as long as you wish. However, due to high demand and limited capacity, we might have a waiting list.

Open a trading account

The first step in your trading journey is setting up a trading account with a regulated and reputable broker.

Here’s a detailed guide to assist you:

Customer Results

Real Results from Real Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To The Most Common Questions

How can I contact you?

You can contact us directly through our website's contact form, or you can reach out to us on Telegram for a more immediate response.

Press here to contact us →

Can anyone start trading or do I need specific skills?

Anyone can start trading with us. Our services are tailored to be user-friendly and can easily be used by beginners. While having some prior knowledge can be advantageous, we have resources and guidance available for everyone.

Are there any risks involved with automated trading?

Automated trading does carry risks. Even though automated systems can eliminate emotional bias, market volatility can still impact results. Success is rooted in proper risk management and focusing on long-term profitability rather than short-term results.

What security measures are in place for automated trading?

Safety is our priority. We employ advanced encryption and strict data protection measures. Your trading account and personal details are kept confidential, and we never have direct access to your funds.

Furthermore, we only work with regulated, licensed trading platforms.

The system also has preset rules for safeguarding your funds. It has built in rules for both open P&L and total account drawdown to prevent losses. If open losses surpass a set level, the system closes all trades. Also, if the account balance surpasses a set level, all trading on that account is paused.

Regular communication about performance is also provided to our clients.

How can I review the trades made by the automated system?

All trades made by the automated system can be viewed and reviewed within your trading account. You'll have full transparency into every trade, including entry points, exit points, profits, and losses.

Clients can monitor accounts in real-time and reach out to us for adjustments anytime.

Do you charge a subscription fee for automated trading?

No, there's no fixed subscription fee for automated trading. Our clients only pay a share of the profits after making a profit withdrawal from their trading account. Payments are done manually via credit/debit card or a crypto wallet.

How do I pay you the performance fees for automated trading?

Performance fees are not deducted automatically. Users need to withdraw profits and pay our fees manually. We negotiate terms individually with each member.

Typically, we encourage keeping profits in the trading account for the initial 3-6 months to benefit from compound growth.

Generally, we request payments once every 2-3 months.

Is the trading system fully automated, or do I need to monitor it?

Clients aren't required to actively manage the system. We handle all the work, ensuring optimal performance. However, clients can monitor their trades and suggest adjustments if desired.

Are human analysts monitoring and adjusting my trades?

Yes, while our trading system operates automatically, a dedicated team of experienced analysts continuously monitors and refines the system. This combination of automation and human expertise ensures consistent and optimal performance for our clients.

How does the automated trading system determine which trades to execute?

Our advanced system incorporates sophisticated algorithms and leverages technical, indicator, and order block analysis. By combining these strategies and constantly evaluating market conditions, we aim to maximize potential gains and minimize risks for our clients.

How often does the system trade?

The system's trading frequency adjusts to market conditions. It's designed to seize the best opportunities, trading frequently during favorable market periods. During optimal conditions, it can execute several dozen trades per day.

Can I set trading limits or customize settings on the automated system?

Yes. Clients can determine the system's trading frequency and set parameters for maximum open P&L drawdown and maximum account drawdown. This allows for a tailored trading experience based on individual risk tolerance.

What kind of returns can I expect from automated trading?

Returns in trading are influenced by various factors, including market conditions and individual risk settings. More risk can lead to higher potential profit. For a clearer picture, we can provide trading reports and backtesting results, detailing potential growth based on specific risk settings and account balances.

Can I pause or stop automated trading at any time?

Yes, automated trading can be paused or halted upon request. However, such requests must be made at least 12 hours in advance, and the changes are executed from our end.

Do you share risks with your clients or are only your clients risking money?

While clients bear the direct financial risks in trading, it's important to understand that our company also takes substantial risks.

We incur a range of expenses, from marketing initiatives and employee salaries to system maintenance and other operational costs. Every client that doesn't profit has a direct impact on our business's financial health.

So, while we might not risk our funds directly in the markets, we definitely experience financial repercussions from non-profitable outcomes.

Additionally, it's worth noting that our clients retain a larger portion of the profits precisely because they assume the financial risks involved.

Can I see your Autotrader performance reports?

Yes. We will be happy to share detailed trading reports. Additionally, we can present backtesting results to illustrate how your account could have grown over specified periods in the past. For detailed reports, please contact us on telegram.

Press here to contact us.