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IronFX Bonus Guide

Learn More About IronFX Deposit Bonuses

What is a deposit bonus?

A broker deposit bonus is a promotional offer that trading brokers provide to help clients access more capital for trading purposes. When a trader deposits funds into their trading account, the broker adds a certain percentage of the amount as a bonus. This extra capital can be used for trading, increasing the trader’s purchasing power and potential for higher profits.

Not all brokers offer deposit bonuses, as such incentives depend on the broker’s specific policies, regulatory constraints, and their approach to attracting and retaining clients.

About IronFX

Our recommended broker IronFX stands out as a highly reputable, fully regulated broker, serving over 1.5 million users worldwide. Their commitment to excellence in the trading sector has earned them numerous awards including Best CFD Broker 2023, Best Multi-Asset Broker 2023, and others. IronFX also offers an easy-to-use trading app.

IronFX is committed to empowering its clients with strategic trading advantages. They offer a variety of bonuses to help you access more capital and maximize your potential trading profits. This additional capital can help provide more room for diversification and risk management.

In order to access deposit bonuses, you need to sign up with IronFX through our exclusive link.

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IronFX Deposit Bonuses:

Recommended Bonus: 40% Power Bonus. It provides a significant bonus and lets you keep all the profits you make.

The 20% Iron Bonus:

The Iron Bonus is designed for traders who are looking for a steady boost to their initial deposit. This bonus offers up to 20% of your deposited amount, with a maximum limit set at $2,000. For instance, if you decide to deposit $5,000, you’ll receive an additional $1,000 as a bonus. This means your total trading balance is increased to $6,000.

When it’s time for withdrawals, if you choose to withdraw the entire amount after seeing your account grow to, let’s say, $9,000 (which includes the initial $1k bonus and $3k profit), you’re eligible to withdraw $8,000. For partial withdrawals, a proportional amount of the bonus is deduced.

The 40% Power Bonus:

For those seeking a more substantial bonus, the Power Bonus is an ideal choice. This bonus offers up to 40% of your deposit amount, capped impressively at $4,000. As an example, a deposit of $10,000 allows you to access a bonus of $4,000, increasing your total trading capital to $14,000.

In terms of withdrawals, if your account grows to $20,000 (including the $4k bonus and $6k profit), and you decide to withdraw the entire amount, you can take out $16,000. On the flip side, if trading challenges arise and your balance dips to $7,000, you’re still eligible to withdraw $5,000, considering the bonus impact. For partial withdrawals, a proportional amount of the bonus is deduced.

The 100% Sharing Bonus:

The Sharing Bonus offers up to 100% of your deposit amount, regardless of the deposit size. For example, if you deposit $10,000, you’ll receive an additional $10,000 as a bonus, bringing your trading capital to a robust $20,000. The essence of the Sharing Bonus lies in its name – you essentially share both profits and losses with IronFX.

For instance, if your account grows to $30,000 (including the $10k bonus and $10k profit), you can withdraw up to $15,000 (Your $10k deposit + your $5k half of the $10k profits). Conversely, if your balance dips to $10,000 (a loss of $10,000), you can still withdraw $5,000.

All deposit bonuses serve as tools to enhance your trading but are non-withdrawable. In scenarios involving withdrawals, whether full or partial, the bonus amount is proportionally deducted from the withdrawal sum. It’s also important to understand that during trading downturns, your initial deposit is at risk first, before the bonus. This design helps ensure that IronFX clients use the bonus funds carefully.

Open a trading account

The first step in your trading journey is setting up a trading account with a regulated and reputable broker.

Here’s a detailed guide to assist you: